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Catherine CampbellCatherine has 14 years experience as a coach, counsellor and group facilitator.

Her extensive experience of coaching clients towards an enhanced understanding of themselves, their relationships and their leadership capacities is the inspiration behind her innovative personal development programmes: 'Mind, Mood & Motivation'© and 'Catch, Challenge & Change'©.

Catherine’s interest is in people rather than position and she is extremely proud to maintain a broad portfolio of clients from diverse backgrounds and interest groups. She works with purpose and enthusiasm and enjoys supporting clients on their personal and professional journeys towards "achievement through action and awareness." Her practical approach combines understanding, humour and a much-appreciated capacity for insightful observation.

A specialist in personal development, Catherine’s qualifications provide her with a broad spectrum of knowledge to support her work with clients. With degrees in English literature, education and psychology, she is further accredited and experienced in counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, stress management, restorative mediation and motivational interviewing. She also trained and worked as a volunteer with the Scottish Council for Alcohol for a number of years.

A former teacher and lecturer, in 1996 Catherine was appointed to lead the development of a staff support service for a large local government organisation. This unique opportunity, to support and coach individuals and groups at every level within the organisation, provided Catherine with a broad and invaluable experience of coaching for leadership and personal development. During this time she devised a successful leadership-coaching programme for senior managers and developed a service-wide strategy for improving employee wellbeing and effectiveness within the workplace.

For the past six years, Catherine has served as an advisor to Teacher Support Scotland, a national wellbeing charity. As a result of her impact on the charity, she was recently commissioned to co-author a government-funded guide to organisational wellbeing within Scottish education.

Catherine enjoys a challenge and has added white water rafting, fire walking and her first 10K charity run to her list of personal achievements. An animal lover, she enjoys spending time outdoors in the company of her four-legged friend. She uses this time for quiet contemplation to keep her strongly connected to the principles, people and passions that she values most.

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