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Coaching is an exciting and rewarding process which supports individuals who have a desire to release their full potential through action.

The Coaching Dynamic is a catalyst for achievement and success that stimulates a change of attitude, a shift in thinking, a broadening of awareness, a call to action and a challenge to move forward.

The coach approach is a powerful driver for behavioural change in individuals.  And given that businesses, companies and organisations would not exist without people, coaching is the art and science of inspiring individuals from the inside-out so that they are reinvigorated, energised and self-motivated.

A Personal, Business or Executive Coach is trained to elicit answers from his or her client. The coach need not know the mechanics of the client’s job although through time and conversation, these do of course become clear.  Indeed, coaching should not so much explore the detail of where the client is but rather focus in on what the client wants to achieve.

Eliciting the client’s own answers and then allowing the client to develop those answers into action plans and strategies is a powerful and empowering process.

Accountability is also a key element in the coaching relationship whereby the coach can hold them accountable to themselves and help them effectively translate intention into action.

There are of course barriers which prevent people from taking action such as confidence, self belief, work/life balance and lack of self-management.  Discussing these feelings in a confidential and non-judgemental 'safe space' can be very empowering for the individual – and, in a corporate context, even more so when the coach is someone who is not attached to their organisation and can offer objective support from the outside-in.

It is important to note that Coaching is not therapy or counselling.

A coach is not trained or concerned with unravelling the past.

Coaching addresses the future.

And while Coaching encompasses Personal, Business and Executive Coaching as well as a number of other specialist areas, in reality the conglomeration of all of these terms boils down to one word: Life.

Whether you are running a home or a family, a business or an organisation, a company or a PLC, the challenges of living a fulfilling life are comparable and real at every level.

Nelson Mandela captured the essence of coaching with the following words:

"I maintain that nurture rather than nature is the primary moulder of personality"
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