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The Coaching Service is delivered in person at a mutually convenient time in the client’s choice of venue.

Between meetings our Clients receive 24/7 email support and can additionally, if required, telephone the Coach for ‘top-up’ sessions.

The Client may also choose to use the Coach as a sounding board for the preparation of presentations, speeches and meetings.

The coaching relationship is built on a strong foundation of trust and confidentiality.

Initially the Client and Coach will meet in person to explore the potential for working together.

After agreement and trust have been established, open conversations will then take place between the Coach and Client. The Coach will encourage the Client to identify and explore those personal or business areas in which they wish to make changes or improvements, setting goals and agreeing strategies for action as appropriate.

The relationship is such that the Client is likely to raise many different topics – opportunities, choices, areas of learning, hurdles and matters on which they feel stuck. The Client will often use the Coach as a sounding board or confidant to work through these challenges and develop strategies. Indeed, the Client will probably discuss matters that they might otherwise not feel comfortable discussing with colleagues, friends and even family members and in this respect the coaching relationship is unique.

The process is deceptively simple yet often remarkable, with the Client discovering new levels of awareness, opportunity, self-belief and confidence.

Idealife International is committed to scrupulous confidentiality.

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